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Quality Ingredients

sourced regionally such as oud, musk, and sandalwood

Cruelty Free

with absolutely no animal testing

Expertly Crafted

Each perfume is uniquely crafted in-house with the expertise of our certified chemist and reputed master perfumer.

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Quality & Innovation

Custom Crafted Packaging

Each box is uniquely tailored to fit the perfume bottle it carries. Next time you're holding an unopened box, shake it around and you'll notice the bottle sits perfectly secure. This same level of attention to detail has been implemented throughout the manufacturing process.

New Development

Our perfumers are constantly iterating their creations and developing new scents on a weekly basis. Expect us to constantly have new arrivals suitable for a variety of preferences.

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“And in perfume there is a special quality, which is that the Angels love it and the devils (shayaateen) flee from it. And the most beloved thing to the devils is the stinking unpleasant smell. So, the good souls love the good smell and the disgusting souls love the disgusting smell. And every soul inclines towards that which suits it.

— Imam Ibn Al-Qayyim in Zaad al Ma'ad 4/257